Daily Prompt: My Precious (?)

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This is a somewhat hard question; I’m known for being a loner because of my fear of opening up, I do have some friends whom I dearly care for and some whom I even go as far as loving, but answering this is actually tough… I think I’ll use this chance to write about those more important in my life.

  • Jengibge: Formerly my best friend, due to his disappearence he has become rather a fond memmory now, one of the few persons I’ve loved and, the truth being told, he has hurt me many times before.
  • Sauterelle: My best friend, he is truly precious in my life and has helped me out a lot but he has hurt me in some way or another.
  • Bisonte: Where to begin? The story and me is one of the most complex in my life, if not THE most complex one, he is also rather absent from my life right now.
  • Memmis: My dear, dear Sunshine, I think I love Memmis so much because she’s the most humane person I’ve ever known.

I’ll go with Gina, she has helped so much, and yet she hurts me in her manner, her own great manner in that she hurts me just the way I need to be hurt: In my ego and my closed-mindedness. A great person whom has helped me out of many a crisis and who really understands me and is understood by me, I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s the fact that we both are afraid to feel and yet feel so much, afraid of being hurt and yet so vulnerable and we like to play strong all the time… perhaps it’s the randomness? Or maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t tell me what I want to hear but rather what I NEED to hear… I think that she’s one of the most important persons in my life right now who has helped me to become a better person.

Daily Prompt: My Precious



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